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Design & Plan

Each and every project requires a comprehensive and well designed technical study that will ensure its proper and safe operation. Our experienced and highly qualified engineers are ready to execute challenging tasks for the mechanical and structural design of every lift system we take over while also providing technical reviews and insights on the project specifications and requirements.


With our long experience in the field of lift systems and thanks to our highly qualified staff and equipment, we are going to successfully complete every installation we take over. Before every installation there is always the requirements elicitation phase. During this phase we -in coordination with our customers- extract the concrete specifications of the project so that all our customer’s technical and aesthetic requirements are documented and communicated correctly. In our exhibition you can check some of our samples in lift cabins, doors, operating panels, stair lifts, etc. Our consultants are always there to help you select from a wide variety of products the right ones that will fully suit you and cover your needs. Delivery time may vary from time to time depending on the different specifications of every project, but it is usually no more than twenty (20) working days, given that power supply is available.


According to the European directive 2014/33/EU the maintenance of every lift is mandatory and a quality system shall be applied in all lift systems. Our staff is qualified and authorized to perform lifts’ maintenance on a regular basis always following a process protocol that ensures proper and safe lift operation.

Technical support

Stamatiadis Lifts is at your disposal 24/7, 365 days a year, for your technical support. Technical coverage is included in the monthly maintenance fee in combination with a valid civil liability insurance in case of emergency. Our specialized staff can detect and repair every problem that can occur to your lift. Our goal is to provide excellent quality services to you and guarantee your safety.


After completion of each lift project, we are responsible for submitting a technical report to the competent control body to issue a certification upon proper and safe operation based on the 95/16/ΕΚ European directive. For all new lifts the same technical report is also submitted to the competent public body to issue an operation license. According to the law safety certification and operation license are mandatory for all types of lifts and they are renewed on a regular basis (1-6 years depending on the building type).


Stamatiadis Lifts following the requirements of EU Directive upon lifts’ safety, harmonized in the Greek legal framework, suggests the appropriate solutions for functional and aesthetic enhancement of your lift, depending on your needs. In cases that the minimum safety requirements are not met, lifts’ modernization is mandatory and implies fines -even higher than the modernization itself- if not realized. Modernization is finalized in collaboration with the most trusted, accredited control bodies that are responsible for review and certification upon project completion.