Cargo Elevators


Hydraulic Elevators

Compact elevators are usually bulky structures designed to lift large loads. They are installed in industrial buildings, factories, warehouses, transport companies, exhibition centers, theatrical stages, etc. They operate with a hydraulic mechanism and do not require engine room space. The requirements for the bottom depth are low. They are depending on the case, since it does not need to exceed 460mm. Their lifting capacity reaches 1500Kg, with maximum platform dimensions of 2000mm x 1600mm. They offer ease of installation, safety during operation, durability and reliability in demanding working conditions.

Compact elevators are certified under Community Directive 98/37 / EC and bear the CE mark.


Dumbwaiters are mechanical elevators for small loads (up to 200 kg). They are an easy, fast, economical and efficient transportation solution for restaurants, cafes, hotels, shops, offices, etc., which saves space, as it does not require engine room space. They can support up to three doors of vertical opening, guillotine type, without reducing the space in front of them.


Dumbwaiter elevators are certified according to the European directive EN 81-3 and have CE marking.

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