Two of the main reasons for being trapped in a lift are poor maintenance and power outages. In the first case, entrapment is easy to avoid completely with regular maintenance of the elevator. However, a power outage has nothing to do with it and can cause the elevator to stop in the middle of a floor.

For personal safety, it is important to know how to react. In this way, we can help both ourselves and others who need help. In case of entrapment, then you can:

Stay calm and focus on the goal.

Try not to panic.

Keeping yourself and others in the elevator calm, will help you break free faster.

Try pressing the button for a different floor than the one you originally selected.

Activate the alarm.

The alarm button will draw attention to the elevator by notifying everyone who is nearby and / or inside the apartment building so that you can be noticed.

If no one hears you, try to use the elevator phone or your mobile phone by calling the Fire Department for help.

In any case, never try to break down the door and free yourself. Most accidents happen to people who are inside and know nothing about the mechanism.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that there is no need to worry about the air running out and suffocating, since the chamber is adequately ventilated. In addition, its systems prevent it from falling, even in the almost unlikely event of rope cutting. As long as we keep our composure, until help comes and we can be released smoothly and safely.

Taking into account what has been mentioned, it is understood that the regular service, accompanied by a guarantee and written certification, ensures that the elevator you enter will take you to the floor you want easily and quickly, reducing the chances of being trapped.

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