Some of our Projects


Plato Inclined installation, for straight stairs at at the Larissa Station of the Athens Metro.

The platform was made to be placed on an internal staircase, providing a solution for people with mobility issues so that they can move easily at the station.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Plato Inclined installation, for curved stairs at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

The platform was specially designed for the space and placed along a staircase to provide convenience and maximum safety in each use.



SEATRAC installation on Fanari beach of Komotini.

SEATRAC enables people with mobility issues, the elderly and pregnant women to enter and exit the sea on their own – without the assistance of an attendant.

The company Stamatiadis Lifts is the official representative of Northern Greece of the company TOVEA LTD that manufactures SEATRAC.



Installation of Plato inclined platform for straight stairs at the Tax Office of Antiquities of Karystos.

The platform was designed with basic criteria of safety and the least possible burden of space to ensurespan,   absolute autonomy.


Installation of Plato Vertical platform at KETHEA, Volos.

Specially design to take up  the smallest place possible  on the stairs, it is the most reliable solutionfor the movement of people with mobility difficulties.


Inclined Platform installation for straight stairs, in the 4th Kindergarten of Sidirokastro.

Designed for the  specific space and thanks to the high technology systems and aesthetics that it has, it provides comfort but also safety as it moves perfectly smoothly along the rail.



Plato Vertical lifting platform installation, in a tourist accommodation in Santorini.

It has been established as the most economical lift of transporting people between levels with small altitude differences.

 The dimensions of the platform are harmonized with the international standards for the entry of a person with a wheelchair and his companion.

 Unlike elevators, it does not require relevant studies and permits, while its installation is completed in 1-2 days.


Plato Inclined Platform installation for straight stairs, in Kavala Police Department.

Designed to take up as little space as possible, it contributes to the accessibility of the building by people with mobility difficulties.

It was installed immediately, in 2 days, since no relevant studies and permits are not required for the platforms.


Plato Inclined Platform installation for straight stairs, at a school in Eleftheroupoli, Kavala.

Specially designed for the space, it is simple and comfortable to use Furthermore, its operation is silent.

It has safety bars and sensors that stop the movement in case of an obstacle on the route. The reliability and flexibility provided by this platform, also allow its installation in places with steep slopes and abrupt changes, with curves inside or outside the stairs, ensuring optimal movement each time.


Vertical Platform installation in a tourist accommodation, in Thassos

Custom made , it is an economical and efficient solution for public or private spaces. 

To ensure the best possible result, our company completes an inspection of the space and then proceeds to the final installation measures. Last but not least, is the decision of the design that suits each customer before installation by our technical department.


Installation of a pool lift, Blu Pool, at the Municipal Swimming Pool of Thessaloniki

The Blu Pool model allows access to the pool for people with reduced mobility in a safe, comfortable and functional way for both the user and the operator.
Our company, with many years of experience in both elevators and accessibility, was the first to market for the first time in the Greek market the portable pool lifts, as the exclusive representative of the Italian factory DiGi Project, with four different models, able to meet the various needs of each pool.


Plato Inclined Platform installation for curved stairs, in the Cultural Center of Zakynthos.

The reliability and flexibility provided by this platform, allow it to be installed in installations with abrupt changes, with curves inside or outside, ensuring optimal movement each time.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Inclined Platform installation for straight stairs, at the Pedagogical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Our company, specializing in accessibility products, offers platforms of exceptional quality construction, absolute safety in use and high aesthetics,  at very competitive prices for both the private and the public sector.




Installation of a Stair Lift for straight stairs, in the area of Nevrokopi, Kavala.

With the simple and pleasant driving, it goes up in every type of stairs, safely and comfortably indoors or outdoors. 

Installation is easy, fast and does not cause inconvenience in your space.


Outdoor elevator installation, in a company in Kavala. 

Having the necessary know-how and experience, we know that every project has different requirements.

For this reason, we remain by your side during the installation and after it, having the highest quality standards we have set, and offering you complete proposals for transporting people, tailored to your needs and the installation of the elevator.




Outdoor elevator installation in a hotel in the area of Krinides, Kavala.

An elegant elevator is one of the first elements that a visitor notices when entering the hotel. So, we designed the specific one based on the needs of the building but also with the corresponding design according to the wishes of the customer.


Home elevator installation, in a house in Xanthi.

Designed with minimal design, and specially adapted to the needs and aesthetics of the interior and the building, this elevator was installed to provide excellent quality and comfort to passengers.



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