Person Elevators

Hydraulic Elevators

Hydraulic person elevators are usually installed in buildings whose maximum distance does not exceed 22-23m (up to 9 stops) and their speed ranges from 0.50 – 1.00m / sec. They are an economical and quick to install solution. In cases where there is no provision for engine room in the building, the drive mechanism and the elevator panel can be placed in a specially designed metal cabinet (Boxlift), which can be installed anywhere in the building.

They have a built-in release system and are adapted to the requirements of standardEN 81-2 and European Directive 95/16 / EC.

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Person Elevator

Electromechanical Elevators

Mechanical person lifts are mainly installed in high-rise buildings and buildings with heavy passenger traffic, since the transfer speed can far exceed the nominal speed of a hydraulic person lift. They can also be equipped with Inverter technology, to ensure smooth acceleration and deceleration and to reduce mechanical friction.

They are adapted to the safety requirements of standard EN 81-1 and European Directive 95/16 / EC.

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MRL (Machine RoomLess)

MRL lifts (Machine RoomLess – without engine room) are an innovative product in the field of elevators and are ideal for high-rise buildings where there is no provision for independent engine room space or a place which requires saving more useful square meters, since the engine will be mounted on the floor. They have a lifting capacity of up to 5000 kg, without falling behind in speed compared to conventional elevators. They have quiet and smooth operation, low energy consumption (up to -50%) and longer life as they have fewer “perishable” parts.

They comply with the requirements of European Directive 95/16 / EC and the standards EN 81.A3 and EN81.21.

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