Plato Vertical

They have been established as the most economical way of transporting people between levels with small altitude differences. The route they travel is vertical at a speed of 15 cm per second. The mechanism can be varied (hydraulic, scissor, rotating coil, etc.) and the demarcation of the shaft can be done with a bellows tarpaulin, with a grid, or with a special iron construction. For small height differences, the coverage of the free space under the platform is not necessary

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Plato Vertical ML7

The Plato Vertical platform is a pioneering and innovative vertical lift, designed to cover small height differences of 1000mm and 1500mm respectively.

It can be place indoors or
outdoor, in public or private projects, where limited free space is presented, since the platform when not in use folds and leaves the space free. It is designed to carry a person in a wheelchair and his / her companion safely and easily.

It can be installed very quickly and easily, and it is mounted on the wall or on the ground or in a special construction. It meets all European safety standards and is accompanied by all Certificates.

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Panda Station

This is an innovative and easy-to-use product that can be easily used at train stations.

The Panda Station lifting technique combines the selection of high-quality materials with an original design. The high level of safety and ease of use, thanks to the traffic, make the Panda Station a necessary device for access to railway stations by people with mobility difficulties.

Panda Station can lift up to 350 kg. The maximum travel of 1000 mm makes it suitable for 90% of existing trains. It is the ideal product for any type of station.

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