For your excellent service, we design and install elevators for more than 48 years. Every project is unique like every one of our clients. Combining new technologies with the deep experience of our human resources, we are by your side to complete the timely and scheduled installation of the ideal elevator for you in less than 20 days. The basic steps for installing an elevator are the following:


After our visit to the project site to gather all the necessary information, we proceed to the first and basic step, which is the study of the construction of the elevator to ensure your reliable and safe movement.


Our experience in the field of elevators and accessibility as wellas the monitoring of every technological development in the field of elevators, gives us the opportunity to provide you with different solutions depending on your needs. In the showroom of our company, you can choose between many designs the ideal cabin for you, external doors and buttons, or to be inspired and design with our specialized consultant a product exclusively for you.


Every customer, every building and installation is unique. However, our well-trained staff performs the installation with the same attention to detail so that you get the best possible result.


Upon completion of a project, Stamatiadis Lifts submits a technical file to a recognized / notified inspection body for the certification of the good and safe operation of the elevator in accordance with European Directive 95/16 / EC, while at the same time in new projects the file is submitted to public service responsible for issuing its operating license. The elevator license and certification is mandatory by law for all elevators. The elevator is subjected to periodic inspections every 1 to 6 years, depending on the type of building to renew the validity of its certification.

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