The needs of a building depends on it. After the necessary study, our company in consultation with the person in charge, installs the elevator suitable for your building so that you can move comfortably and above all safely. But what is the ideal elevator and what are the criteria we take into account? Elevators are divided into two main categories, Mechanical and Hydraulic.

Ο Μηχανικός Ανελκυστήρας ή αλλιώς ηλεκτρομηχανικός είναι ο παλαιότερος τύπος ανελκυστήρα.

Mechanical elevators are used more in buildings with medium to high traffic and is the ideal solution for high-rise buildings. This is the oldest and most classic type of elevator that is a fairly reliable solution. The speed of the mechanical elevators can exceed the speed of the hydraulic elevators. In addition, the speed depends on the height of the building, but also on the capabilities of the lifting assembly.

Instead, hydraulic elevators are installed in low-traffic buildings.

The elevators of this category are characterized by their fast installation as well as higher power consumption compared to the engineers. They are installed in cases where there is no provision for engine room in the building, as the drive mechanism and the elevator panel can be placed in a specially designed metal cabinet (Boxlift) which can be installed anywhere in the building.

It is important to mention a third category of elevators known as MRL. MRL lifts (Machine RoomLess – without engine room) are an innovation in the elevator industry and are ideal for high-rise buildings where no provision has been made for an independent engine room. They have quiet and smooth operation, low energy consumption (up to -50%) and longer life as they have fewer “perishable” parts.

Whatever the needs of your building, one thing is for sure and this is your safety, since our company selects the most modern components for each product after strict controls.

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