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SEATRAC is an innovation project. It is the only product worldwide that provides fully autonomous access to the sea for people with limited mobility or people with disabilities in a robust, safe and yet cost – effective design.

SEATRAC is basically composed by a fixed track mechanism in which a wheel chair can be moved in and out of the water. The wheel chair is connected to two heavy duty cables, one on each side. On the sea side these cables are routed through two free rotation pulleys whereas on the coast side the cables are routed through two pulleys that are connected on a rotation axis. with a gear reducer connected on a dc motor. Several other techniques (e.g. a friction clutch) are implemented in order to ensure reliability and safety during the operation of Seatrac’s drive train without the usage of any tension mechanisms for the cables. It operates with solar energy. A solar panel is used to charge a battery which provides all electrical components with the necessary power for their operation. This approach makes it a completely stand alone device that also eliminates electricity-related hazards. The installation does not have a permanent character. The device is usually installed during the early summer period and uninstalled at the end of the summer.

SEATRAC has won several prizes and it is covered by Greek, European and U.S. patents. Stamatiadis Lifts is the official representative of TOBEA Ltd, the manufacturer of SEATRAC for the Northern Greece.

It is fully compliant to the following European and international standards: 2006/42/EC, 2004/108/EC, 1999/5/EC, COUNCIL RECOMMENDATION 1999/519/EC.

Technical specifications Reference values
User weight (max) 120kg
Travel speed 0,15m/sec
Seat height when parked on the boarding point 500mm
Installation depth of the end point (apx) 800mm
Uses per day 30
Standby time during low illumination conditions 3

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