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Design – Installation

Our services include design, installation and certification. The correct and thorough technical study of each project determines its success and its smooth and safe operation. Our company, Stamatiadis Lifts, consisted by experienced engineers, prepares studies and plans that are observed at each stage of the project to ensure both the integrity of the installation. In the showroom of our company, customers have the opportunity to choose between many designs the ideal booth for them, external doors and buttons or to be inspired and design with their consultant a product exclusively for them. The delivery time of each project may vary depending on the elevator stops, however, it does not exceed twenty (20) days, as long as there is electricity, even temporary.

ISO Stamatiadis


Upon completion of a project, the Stamatiadis Lifts company submits a technical file to the competent public authority for the issuance of a permit and the legalization of its operation. One of the most important documents of the technical file is the Elevator Certificate, which is initially issued immediately after its installation by a Notified Body of ESYD after an on-site inspection has been carried out to verify the implementation of the requirements of European Directive 2014/33 / EU.  The validity of the Elevator Certificate lasts from 1 to 6 years, depending on the use of the building and is renewed periodically after audits by Accredited Inspectors. The license and certification of the elevator is mandatory according to the law (Government 2604/2008) for all elevators.
Stamatiadis tech support

Maintenance - Technical Support

Based on your safety and full understanding of the needs of each of our customers, we guarantee the quality of our products and services. Regular maintenance of the elevator increases its lifespan and ensures smooth and reliable operation at the optimum level. We recognize the need for efficiency and reliable solutions and for this reason, we have personalized maintenance programs for each type of elevator. Our experienced and specialized staff undertakes responsibly, and always in accordance with applicable law, the technical support of each elevator throughout its life. We carry out periodic inspections and proceed to the necessary work to repair faults or failures. Our goal is your excellent 24-hour service all year round.
Stamatiadis renovation


According to the Greek Legislation (FA / 9.2 / OIK. 28425 / Government 2604 / Β / 2008) the upgrades of all existing / old elevators, which were installed before 1999 with the old safety regulations, are mandatory in order to be adapted at the level of safety, energy and efficiency of the new elevators. Failure to comply with the provisions of the law within the deadlines set, results in penalties (fines) to the management committees and the responsible maintainers, the amounts of which are many times higher than those of the upgrades, while at the same time the operation of the lifts is suspended by the competent services. The upgrade of the elevators is preceded by an inspection by a notified body that indicates the degree of upgrade. Upon completion of the upgrade, the notified body returns and after ascertaining the conformity to its instructions, issues the certification of the elevator.

Athina Stamatiadou


In a dynamic and constantly evolving environment, we managed to build a team of high standards from people with fresh ideas, love for what they do and willingness to meet the most complex needs of our customers. Our goal is to be pioneers with innovative, smart and reliable products combining new technologies with the deep experience of our people.

Evripidis Petras

Technical Director

We are here to provide solutions to every need for vertical movement. Our projects all over Greece are a proof of the trust that inspires the name Stamatiadis Lifts.The many years of experience and the perfect technical training that we have, have brought us to the top. We are here and together, we are going high!

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