BLUPOOL is a medical device that allows people with reduced mobility, to access the pool in a safe, comfortable and functional way. BLUPOOL is the result of the evolution of the best seller, BLUONE that has been on the market for over 10 years. This new pool lift is improved on design, technology and lifting capacity. During the development of this model, DIGI PROJECT took care to ensure all levels of security, both for the user and the operator, that exist in all devices of the company.

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Blu One

Blu One is a device that can transport people to and from swimming pools, locker rooms and other places in an easy, smooth and safe way. Blu One is easy to use. The person simply sits in the front seat and is pushed to the edge of the pool. Just activate the brake and lock it in place, press the down button and the swimmer enters the pool. Just press the button to lift the seat again and return it to its original position.

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Panda Pool

It is innovative thanks to the control line with automatic traction, that do not demands any effort from the operator. It has improved autonomy and capacity up to 150 kg. It also provides maximum security thanks to 8 levels of security.

All of this makes PandaPool the universal reference for pool lifts.

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Eco Pool

The latest product of DiGi Project, is designed to solve problems related to water accessibility in a cost-effective way.The DiGi Project focused on key elements to ensure good performance in terms of reliability and security for users at a reasonable cost.

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It can be used on any type of flat deck (pool or boat / ship). It is a very flexible and reliable product with 3 different points on the floor that can be combined with a seat system or a hanger. It can be easily removed when not in use.

Comes with the following certificates:

  • 93/42/CEE medical devices directive
  • 2006/42/CE machine directive
  • 2004/108/EC EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility

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Pelican Pool

Thanks to its advanced technical characteristics, it allows the removal of architectural barriers even in swimming pools with external walls, up to 50 cm high.

In addition, it has a practical seat rotation system, and the user can perform the entry and exit functions from the water, with full autonomy.

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It is the smallest and most discreet portable hydraulic pool lift on the market. It operates with a simple hydraulic system, ie with the water pressure of the network.

It can be disassembled and reassembled in just three minutes, which means it can be mounted when to be used, and stored when not needed.

In addition, an important advantage of this particular pool lift is that it can serve multiple pools in the same complex.

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