Take advantage of the “Eksoikonomo-Autonomo” program today and upgrade your Elevator! Improve energy efficiency and save money.

Our company, with many years of experience in the construction and renovation of elevators, offers complete systems in harmony with the space and the individual needs of each customer.

As for the conditions, in order for the respective elevator to be included in the program, it must have been installed before 01.07.1999 and in addition there must be:

  1. Articles of Association of the apartment building
  2. Unanimous decision of owners after assembly for inclusion in the program eksoikonomo-autonomo
  3. Tax ID of the apartment building
  4. Bank account
  5. Electrical engineer for the study

In addition to the above, the following may be included:

  • Interventions to upgrade the safety level of the elevator installation, as well as to improve its functionality.
  • Replacing the existing elevator with a new one with higher energy efficiency.
  • Interventions in public areas (lighting, thermal facades, intercom)

As for the financial part, in any case, the total amount of eligible costs for the elevator can not exceed the maximum of € 10,000.00 including VAT.

Finally, after the completion of the works, the elevator must be certified by an accredited control body and registered in the elevator register, in accordance with current legislation.

Contact us today to inform you about the process of joining the program and to suggest you the appropriate solution for upgrading your elevator.

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